Competitive Advantages

At Bizbots, we are dedicated to helping your business become an online success story. Our agent-enabled marketplace solution opens new business possibilities while streamlining current business processes. Becoming a Bizbots customer automatically links you into our extensive network of partners and clients.

The Bizbots framework enables marketplaces that are:

Linearly scalable — the multi-tiered architecture enables linear scaling to support increasing transaction volumes.

Quick to Configure— new exchanges require weeks - not months -- to deploy, a significant advantage to new market hosts .

Reliable — Bizbots' fault tolerant exchange engine enables uninterrupted mission critical trading.

Easy to Maintain — administration is simplified with a multitude of system administration capabilities.

Based on open, standard integration mechanisms -- facilitate interoperability with external systems and markets, and supports multiple client interface types.

100% Java based - is the application is completely independent from any specific platform, thus allowing the application to be deployed on a multitude of platforms.

Anonymous trading and Trading Partner management - provides neutrality in the marketplace, while also allowing the capability to select preferred vendors


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