Bizbots' core business is powering online B2B markets. In an industry where speed, scalability, security and time-to-market are pillars of online success, Bizbots' flagship product, mkt.Engine, provides a high performance double-sided bid/ask system whose scalable design can support the most demanding Internet trading applications. Built to support electronic trading in 7x24x365 global markets, this solution is a highly-configurable, dynamically-priced exchange that employs electronic Intelligent Agent technology and a suite of advanced capabilities. Our solutions provide a broad range of personalized functions that dramatically improve the speed, simplicity and efficiency with which buyers and sellers trade.

Our technology has been extensively tested for scalability and fault tolerance. The system architecture is multi-tiered and fully distributed with integrated fail-over capabilities. The current combination of advanced features surpasses any software product currently on the market including multi-variable order matching, intelligent agents and dynamic management of trading partners at match time.

Founded in l997, Bizbots was initially funded by a National Institute of Standards and Technology grant to study advanced e-commerce solutions. This effort led to a model for interoperable markets and, ultimately, our vision for an open standards-based exchange engine employing sophisticated electronic agents.

Extending beyond our core technology we have developed a strategic alliance program that brings together providers of products and services needed to build successful online marketplaces. Program partners include providers of financial services, logistics and transportation services, key technology providers and providers of real-time information. The goal of the program is to enable us to quickly respond to our clients' business requirements and to afford them the fastest time-to-market.

Bizbots is extending its global reach through alliances with integrators and distributors in Europe, Latin America and Asia/Pacific. Our clients are global. Their marketplaces require global support and the scalability and reliability needed to accommodate global transaction volumes.

Bizbots is headquartered in the heart of San Francisco's high-technology district. This location offers access to innovative technology, key business partners and a highly-skilled workforce.



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