Bizbots is currently expanding its strategic alliance program. To extend our global delivery and support capabilities, we have developed alliances with distributors and system integrators who provide essential consulting, deployment, and support assistance. A second group of alliances partners is comprised of value-added technology and service providers. These companies are critical for the provision of automated, end-to-end electronic commerce.

Bizbots alliance partners include:

Archive is the standard for transaction archiving and analysis services in the B2B e-commerce marketplace. Our pioneering strategy includes a comprehensive data retention framework, a network of global data centers, and the first XML standards for data archiving. Our customers use our services for audit, reconciliation, and dispute resolution. In addition, we enable our customers to derive maximum value from their archived information by providing comprehensive data analysis and business intelligence tools and access to unique marketplace metrics. For more information, visit

BankServ is one of the nation's leading providers of payment solutions for online businesses, retailers and financial services companies. BankServ processes more than $1 billion a day in domestic and international wire transfers and is a leading check conversion service provider to US financial institutions and merchants. BankServ offers ACH/eCheck processing, domestic and international wire transfers, purchasing/credit card processing, and invoicing services for business-to-business exchanges and other eCommerce applications. In addition, BankServ offers integrated funding and reporting services for businesses online. For more information, visit

Capstan Systems enables global business to leverage the internet to achieve a breakthrough in supply chain execution. Capstan's unique web-native B2B global trading infrastructure is integrated with a community of logistics services providers creating a network linking the entire global supply chain, enabling a valuable "network effect" for all participants. Capstan solutions are in use at major corporations worldwide. By providing visibility, collaboration and control over the entire global supply chain, Capstan enables business to get the right goods to the right place, at the right time--every time. For more information, visit

Enterworks® is a leading provider of software for aggregating e-business content and automating e-business processes. Our solutions form a software superstructure that powers e-business marketplaces - online auctions, aggregators, bid systems and exchanges for buyers and sellers. Enterworks' products enable companies to accelerate time to market, increase customer satisfaction, improve supply chain interactions, leverage existing infrastructures and reduce operational costs for customers in healthcare, manufacturing, government, financial services, and telecommunications worldwide, including Boeing, IBM/Tivoli, MCI, CareFirst Blue Cross/Blue Shield and the Department of Defense. For more information, visit is a leading B2B freight logistics company that is revolutionizing the freight industry by providing "real-time" trading networks for shippers and carriers. Headquartered in Kansas City, the Company is a one-stop source for multiple modes of transportation that simplifies, expedites and lowers the cost of shipping freight. Launched in May of 1999, has enrolled over 13,000 commercial customers, and has integrated its freight solutions tools into more than 85 B2B marketplaces. has relationships with 60 national and regional carriers serving the United States and Canada. For more information, visit

Liaison™ is the leading provider of software products that acquire and deliver supplier catalog content for e-marketplaces. Its infrastructure software automatically transforms descriptive and transactive content from a variety of sources, including web sites, and delivers it to electronic catalogs, enabling efficient collaborative commerce in e-marketplaces. Liason Content Exchange™ is robust software infrastructure that extracts, aggregates and delivers content from a variety of sources (including web sites) to catalogs in e-marketplaces. This enables suppliers to accelerate time to liquidity (revenue) while reducing implementation and maintenance costs. Content Exchange is better than manual aggregation or regular expression parsing because of its cost efficiency and reliability. Liason's products are based on an Adaptive Content Recognition engine (patent-pending) and are in use at independant trading exchanges as well as Global 2000 companies. For more information, visit


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