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Enterworks and Bizbots to Deliver Online Exchange Solution
Leading Vendors Partner to Support the Creation of End-to-End E-Marketplaces
ASHBURN, VA - April 2, 2000

Enterworks, Inc., a leading provider of real-time cataloging and process automation solutions for e-marketplaces and information portals, and Bizbots (BusinessBots, Inc.), a leader in business-to-business digital exchange technology, announced today the signing of a sales and marketing partnership. Under this agreement, Enterworks will integrate its back-end content and process integration capabilities with BizBot's net market exchange engine. The combined solution will facilitate the straight through processing of online exchange transactions by matching suppliers and buyers using BizBot's automated trading technology and integrating that information into back-end systems with Enterworks' product suite.

"This partnership takes advantage of Enterworks' award-winning solutions by integrating them with Bizbots' unique 100% Java™ agent-enabled marketplace engine," said Robert Lewis, president of Enterworks. "This agreement will give our customers a competitive advantage by enabling the real-time inventory management and electronic bidding process that is necessary to operate successful online exchanges."

"Enterworks' focus on real-time cataloging and process and transaction automation offer a powerful back-end solution for Bizbots -powered online exchanges," said George Lipsker, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Bizbots. "This partnership will facilitate the straight through processing of transactions and provide net market traders with real-time access to information critical for decision-making."

Bizbots' next-generation e-commerce engine enables companies to create powerful, real-time double-sided net exchanges. The Bizbots exchange technology matches suppliers and buyers based on any number of specified product characteristics or trading qualities. Both components of the Enterworks suite will be integrated with Bizbots' core technology to provide front- and back-end integration for online exchanges. Enterworks Content Integrator™ will facilitate the addition of a procurement system by enabling real-time dynamic distributed catalogs for online exchanges. In addition, Enterworks Process Integrator™ will enable the management and coordination of transactions between suppliers and buyers throughout the entire back-end system. The integrated solution will be implemented across B2B e-marketplaces and information portals with initial customers in the financial services sector. Enterworks and Bizbots will continue to explore other target industries.

About Bizbots
Bizbots was founded in 1997 through a National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) grant to design and deploy next generation standards for electronic commerce. The successful completion of this work led to the creation of Bizbots' advanced digital exchange engine. Bizbots' 100% Java™ agent-enabled marktplace allows companies to create powerful, real-time, dynamic, multi-buyer/multi-seller digital exchanges. The Bizbots e-commerce solution is massively scalable, fault tolerant, and supports advanced features such as multiple trading qualities, aggregation, haggling, risk determination, reputation management, real-time access to trading history and transaction fulfillment. For additional information about the Bizbots agent-enabled exchange engine visit or call 1-877-414-BOTS (2687).

About Enterworks
Enterworks, Inc., develops and markets software for the real-time cataloging and business process automation that drives e-business e-marketplaces and information portals. The company's advanced solutions improve time-to-market for customers in healthcare, manufacturing, government, financial services, and telecommunications worldwide, including Boeing, IBM/Tivoli, and the Department of Defense. Enterworks recently announced the completion of a $25 million round of private funding from several institutional investors, including lead investor General Electric Pension Trust, which is managed by GE Investment Corporation. Other investors include Chartwell Capital Investors II, L.P., Jefferies & Co., Inc., J. & W. Seligman & Company, and Tudor Investment Corporation. For additional details about Enterworks and its solutions, visit or call 1-888-242-8356.

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