Benefits and Features of the Bizbots Exchange Solution

For Net Market Hosts:

  • Rapid marketplace configuration and deployment
    • Substantially reduced time-to-market and lower implementation risk
    • Flexibility in defining trading attributes and matching rules
    • Customizable user interface
    • Rich functionality which is easily customizable to satisfy a wide-range of industries
  • Flexibility
    • Robust architecture which is easily configurable
    • Compatible with multiple hardware and software platforms
    • Solution automates and fits natural business practices
  • Proven technology
    • Secure, reliable, highly scaleable and fault tolerant
    • Benchmarked and proven to support high number of concurrent buyers and sellers
    • Open standards like HTML, SSL and XML

For Net Market End-Users:

  • Sophisticated Trading
    • Real time order execution
    • Online negotiations
    • Multiple attribute trading and matching
    • Trader anonymity
    • 24/7 trading through Intelligent Agent technology
    • Fair price discovery via real-time bids and asks
    • Price transparency
    • Ability to modify trades to reflect market changes
  • Ease-of-use
    • Intuitive interfaces
    • Short-cut templates
    • Various modes of notification and messaging
    • Time-savings via management of order-book view
    • Multiple order-entry and trade-notification channels
    • Personalized sorting and filtering
    • Easy access with standard browsers and http protocols

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