The Bizbots Value Proposition

The value proposition Bizbots offers the client is clear: Our technology solutions enable enterprises to create Internet exchange solutions that can be deployed quickly and facilitate immediate trading. As an important component of the procurement matrix, the Bizbots solution is applicable for use in multiple industry sectors.

Bizbots' mkt.Engine exchange solution offers buyers and sellers a trading experience that mirrors their offline experience. The unique technology elements enable Bizbots to create solutions that better fit the natural business practices of our customers, leading to greater market acceptance and the achievement of liquidity in a shorter period of time.


* The Bizbots exchange solution has a best-of-breed, distributed architecture that is highly scalable, customizable and fault tolerant.

* The Bizbots exchange solution reduces transaction costs and order-flow inefficiencies.

* Bizbots-powered marketplaces lower the cost of client acquisition.

* The Bizbots exchange interface is intuitive and easy to learn.

* The Bizbots exchange engine offers rapid market configuration and customization.

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