Bizbots has developed an advanced Java framework to build global, business-to-business exchanges. This framework allows companies to trade virtually any product, service or commodity directly in an impartial, competitive and open exchange. The Bizbots 100% Java agent-enabled marketplace engine intelligently consolidates commercial orders and queries into a central system that fairly and openly manages trader transparency. It also provides continuous and automatic order matching and execution for a wide variety of goods, services and commodities that can be traded over the Internet. And our continuous stream of innovations for B2B trading includes unique algorithms for order matching optimization and other advanced capabilities.

The architectural goals of the Bizbots exchange solution are scalability, performance, fault tolerance, mission-critical availability and trading supervision within a clear and transparent user interface. Bizbots achieves these goals using a multi-tier, distributed application architecture.

Bizbots supports a variety of server and client technologies, as well as advanced capabilities like messaging, haggling and notification. Future releases will support new forms of user interaction, such as wireless PDAs and voice-activated IP telephony.

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